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When I got my ADSL service installed, there was a short HOWTO which explained how to set it up with Linux, my preferred operating system. Happy and excited, I connected the equipment, followed the instructions - and nothing worked. I did it again. And again. I took a short break, re-read the HOWTO for the umpteenth time, and it still didn't work. Turns out there were a few other people who ran into the same problem, so we started looking at the code...

More information about the process we went to to get it to work can be found in ADSL - A War Story.

Here's the latest version of the the linux ADSL howto. This is version 2.2.8, released on Mar. 2003. The HOWTO covers ethernet based ADSL modems. Provisions for USB and PCI based ADSL modems will be happily accepted.

On March 20th, 2002, pptp 1.1.0 was released which includes the necessary code to connect in Israel with some of the ADSL modem types used by BEZEQ. You can get it from Remember to run it like: ./pptp --quirks=BEZEQ_ISRAEL pppd options here!

For historical purposes, here's the code I ended up writing for pptp. It includes code by me and contributions from other people (Aviram Jenik, Dani Arbel and Haim Gelfenbeyn):

Many people ask on the linux-il mailing list for a set of scripts to keep their ADSL connection up. I use Haim Gelfenbeyn's adsl-connect scripts, and I've very happy with them.